Fregald’s Policy Statement on Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security

Ensuring the health, safety and security of our employees, our customers and the public – and protecting the environment are fundamental priorities for Fregald. We uphold these values in the same way that we ensure the quality of our work – by implementing rigorous controls through every phase of our projects.
Safety is the responsibility of every employee at Fregald, and zero incidents is our foremost goal. In all our projects our trained personnel work to ensure the safety of themselves, their coworkers, the customer and the public.
Training is the key to preventing accidents and incidents. Our employees receive extensive training on how to perform their jobs safely, properly and in compliance with environmental regulations.
Fregald’s Policy Statement on Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES)
In executing any project, our main objective is to operate in the most safe and economic manner without antagonizing or alienating the local communities. This will be achieved by ensuring that all statutory and other relevant regulations relating to safety and welfare of our personnel that may be affected in the course of our work are paramount while maintaining excellent and mutually beneficial relationship with our host communities.
Fregald also views with great concern the ecological implication of her job on the environment and the community inhabiting the work location.
In order to prevent accidents and friction with the local communities, proper attitude to safety rules and community relationship are encouraged in all ramifications. Our overall objective is to ensure cordial relationship with host communities, prevent accidents which could otherwise result in pains, disabilities, damage to property (plant and equipment), death as well as damage to animal life within the environment in which we operate.
Thus, our community affairs, safety, health, environment and security (CASHES) programmes are designed to achieve the following:
• Community Affairs
• Safety
• Health
• Environmental
• Security



FREGALD ICN LTD is set up to carry out metal construction works, mainly for Oil and Gas establishment. When individuals and corporate organizations try to use our name and content to commit fraud, we are very concerned. If you see content from our website on another company’s website, please kindly contact us immediately. So that we can escalate to the law enforcement agents. There are fraudulent companies hijacking content from our website claiming to have executed the jobs listed on our website.

One example is a company called Egoli Oil and Gas Nig. Ltd, this company hijacked almost 80% of our recently completed jobs and hosted them on its website as jobs executed by their company.

The investigation carried out on this company, Egoli Oil and Gas Nig. Ltd, reveals that the company directors can not be linked to any known address.

Note, this concern has been reported to both the Nigerian Police and Copyright organization for further investigation and necessary legal actions.

We thank you for your corporation and advise you to maintain vigilance.