Tamrotor Marine Compressor is the world’s leading manufacturers of air compressors and dryers system for marine and offshore use.

Fregald is in contact with Tamrotor Marine Compressor. A compressor model TMC 290-13 EWNA was recently procured and installed for the sea-eagle FPSO.

Rotork is the global market leader in valve automation and flow control. We have used their products and services to help many organizations to improve efficiency, assure safety and protect the environment.

We recently installed Rotork 3rd Generation IQ multi-turn electric valve actuator on the SPDC’s Raiser Platform A for the SSAGA Gas-switching manifold Project for Domgas market

AMPO-POYAM is the world leader in highly engineered valves, Pumps, Marine and Power generation components. Their services also includes integral maintenance, training and after-sales engineering services.

We recently installed AMPO-POYAM 4’’ X900# Bonnet Globe Valve and 2’’ Double Block and Bleed valves on the SPDC’s Raiser Platform A for the SSAGS Gas-switching manifold Project for the Dogmas market.

Wartsila-Hamworthy services the merchant, offshore, cruise and ferry, naval and special markets. Hamworthy is now part of the Wartsila group of company.

We have contact with both companies. We recently procured a sewage treatment plant (ST8C-R) which has been deployed for the sea-eagle sewage system upgrade.

Liebherr is one of the world’s largest manufactures of construction machines. The Liebherr group is also successfully involved in the production of various cranes.

Liebherr recently through Fregald carried out a man-riding function on the sea-eagle Liebherr cranes.

TATA STEEL (Corus Tubes) is one of the world most geographically diversified steel producers. The establishment is striving to become the global benchmark in value creation and corporate citizenship in the steel industry.

Large tons of Fregald steel is procured from TATA STEEL. The construction of the Mobil BRT Floating Dock & Ramp Project and the Fencing Panel for Swamp Manifold on the SPDC-NCTL Project.

Whiteley Read Engineering are one of the few manufactures globally that can truly lay claim to a pedigree in supplying High Pressure Vessels. They also design and manufacture medium and low pressure process vessels.

Fregald recently carried out repairs / maintenance on 5vlx vane pack assembly, adjustable weir, anti-surge plates, distributor plates, inlet diffuser and cascade tray procured from Whiteley Read Engineering for the EA LP separator.